Renaissance Scots Living History Association
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Tartans Authority
This is a great resource if you're searching for tartan. Just use the "Tartan Ferret" feature to look up tartan from the full registry, including thread counts!

Authentic Ireland
Here's a site recommended to us by some fans. It's a really great, concise history of the kilt!

A site offering specialty swords.

Cece's Scottish Tartan Themes Screensavers & Backgrounds
Pretty much what it says, really.

Scottish Sword & Shield
The Castle Keep website
Both sources for excellent Scottish handmade swords.

Clan MacLeod
Electric Scotland
Excellent reference sites about Scotland.

Harp and Dragon
A source for jewerly and things.

Information regarding the wearing of the kilt

Rampant Scotland
Several thousand web sites and links regarding various aspects of Scotland.

Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage
Information about period foods.

Various Scottish Kilts and Tartans information and merchandise.

The Clan Shop
A search site and gift shop featuring clan information.

History of the Tartan
A history of the tartan and kilt

G Gedney Godwin Online Catalog
Period clothing, accessories, weapons, instruments and other items.

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc
Period clothing, cooking items, camping equipment, books and more.

Sword Forum International
Articles and discussion boards including Swords in Theater, Scottish Culture and Living History.

Costume Super Center - History of the Sword
A good overview of the history of the sword with a list of resources for further reading.