Renaissance Scots Living History Association
A 501(c)3 Federal Tax Exempt Non-Profit Educational Corporation.

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The Renaissance Scots Living History Association, a 501 (c) 3 educational nonprofit corporation, has been delighting attendees at Celtic events in the Rocky Mountain West for 22 years. The RenScots provide a village setting where the public experiences highland Scottish life and crafts from the time of William Wallace (Braveheart) through Culloden in 1745. With an all-volunteer organization of over 30 talent, staff, and crew, the RenScots present 6 interactive pavilions, demonstrating more than 15 heritage crafts in an entertaining, family-friendly setting.

The Renaissance Scots’ Mission is to bring Highland Scottish life and heritage crafts to the Celtic community and public in an entertaining setting, and to educate about the contributions of the Scots to American culture. We make experiencing history fun! We also teach to help preserve heritage crafts by passing them on to a new generation.

With colorful tents and banners, and folk wearing attractive Scottish attire the RenScots Living History Village is highly visible on the field and from the road. Taking videos or pictures with the RenScots is popular with the media and patrons alike.

What We Bring to Events:

  • Living History Village, presenting interactive edutainment of Scottish life, history, and craft
  • Interactive crowd entertainment: running skits and staged fights that interact with the public
  • Ambassador Services: Colorfully attired roving ambassadors that provide directions and festival information
  • Media opportunities: pre-event interviews and in-event coverage
  • Press kit and photographs for inclusion in advertising, billboards and handouts
  • Weapons demos and choreographed fights for opening ceremonies, parades and tattoos

Interactive Experiences Include:


Demonstrating techniques and products related to blacksmithing, one of the oldest crafts known to man (dating back to approximately 1500BC), and is sometimes referred to as the "Father of all crafts" due to making the tools or equipment for many of the other crafts.

SmithingShowing the production of tools and useful household items at the forge.
HistoryGiving historical accounts of smithing and the apprenticeships used to pass that knowledge down from generation to generation.
WeaponsDiscussing farm implements morphing into modern weaponry.
MigrationDiscussing historical importance of the Celtic nations and the migrations of those peoples as they came to the "New World".

Blue Bonnet Pavilion

The Blue Bonnet hosts the following crafts and demonstrations:
BasketryHighland basket-making from renewable resources
Candle MakingCandle pouring demonstrations

Hide and Hair Pavilion

Demonstrating the wonder material of the Old World: leather. The plastic of its day, it is easily molded, strong and durable - and could be used to make anything from shoes to saddles, shields to scabbards. In the RenScots, we teach the history of leather, as well as its myriad uses.

Come visit the brand-new Hide and Hair Pavilion to watch our skilled craftspeople (and new apprentices!) show how this critical renewable resource was used in the Scottish Highlands.

Thistle and Broom Pavilion

In addition to providing shaded seating and water for patrons, this pavilion provides a venue for several interactive experiences, including:

  • Calligraphy
  • Games
  • Music
  • Sketching
  • Story Telling

Wick and Woolery Pavilion

Showing crafts related to clothing manufacturing, including:
CombingPreparing plant and animal fiber to be spun
SpinningTurning plant and animal fiber into yarn
WeavingMaking cloth on a loom, featuring tartan weaving
KnittingMaking knitted clothing, such as scarves, hats and stockings
Lace MakingShowing bobbin lace, which is a form of weaving, and tatting, a form of knotting
ClothingCreating finished clothes, usually from woven cloth

The Armory: Wolves of Dunvegan

The Wolves are the fighting arm and armory of the Renaissance Scots. A crowd favorite at events, they provide showcase entertainment, interactive demos, and training in weapons use and fighting techniques. In addition to presentations in the RenScots village, the Wolves are frequently featured in opening ceremonies, parades and tattoos.
Weapons demosShowing the evolution of weapons and fighting techniques used in the highlands of Scotland from Bannockburn through Culloden.
Choreographed fightsEntertaining fight sequences showcasing different weapon combinations, including iconic Scottish weapons and armor such as the Lochaber axe, claymore, dirk & targe, and basket hilt claymores.
Weapons trainingInstructor led training in weapons use and fighting technique.
Weapons displaysIncludes firearms, armor, swords and pole arms.
The PitPublic fighting experience with practice swords

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