As part of the Living History Village, the Renscots demonstrate some of the traditional Scottish dishes that would be eaten during our time period. This year we are demonstrating both the uniquely Scottish oat cakes known as “bannocks” as well as lamb stew. Check back with us next year for more traditional Scottish dishes! Here you can find more information on these dishes as well as resources on how to make them for yourself!


Bannocks were a basic staple food for the Scots and were made of just a few basic ingredients (oats, animal fat and water). They could be made on a bakestone over an open fire and were often made in larger cakes that would be split up into smaller pieces known as farls. With such simple ingredients, bannocks could be made even when times were lean. In better times, the bannocks would be paired with jam, fresh crowdie or anything else that might already be at the table.

Lamb Stew

Mutton and lamb have been a basic staple food of the Scots for hundreds of years and sheep were commonplace throughout the Highlands. A stew could be made with just a small piece of lamb or smoked mutton. Often vegetables like onions, carrots and celery would be added. The stew could be made in a large pot and eaten for several days, providing plenty of food with limited resources.

Find culinary demonstrations in the RenScots Living History Village in the Heather and Broom Pavilion.


Traditional Bannocks recipe

Bannocks on Outlander Kitchen

Traditional Lamb Stew recipe

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