The Knotty Dirk

pubCookOriginally, the Pub idea wasstrictly to benefit the Wolvesof Dunvegan. A place of their own, to hang out and relax when they could. Shadeand water were the primary goals, as the Wolves work out in the open most places–swords and spears, etc, don’t work well inside of tents! Like most of our ideas, the Pub outgrew its original concept: patrons started hanging out in it.

Period games and free water is available to all comers. An incident where the Chief’s dirk got caught in the strings of his tobacco pouch (“Hold on a moment, I’ve got my dirk in a knot. . .”) led to naming the pub “The Knotty Dirk,” and the place took off.

People stop in to eat their meals, as the Dirk offers the only shaded seating at most festivals. Likewise, inĀ rotten weather, the Dirk has turned into the kitchen of the “clan.” Still true to its roots, the Dirk has grown far beyond a simple hangout for our fighters.

It seems natural that some form of entertainment would be found in a pub, so our harper sets up there when he is able to attend. We would like to expand our entertainment offerings with demonstrations like dancing, singing, storytelling and piping. Stop by and see what’s new.