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The RenScots

The Renaissance Scots Living History Association, a 501 (c) 3 educational nonprofit corporation, has been delighting attendees at Celtic events in the Rocky Mountain West for 23 years. The RenScots provide a village setting where the public experiences highland Scottish life and crafts from the time of William Wallace (Braveheart) through the Jacobite uprising against the English that ended so disastrously for the Scots on the battlefield of Culloden in 1745. With an all-volunteer organization of over 30 talent, staff and crew, the RenScots present 7 interactive venues, showing more than 15 heritage crafts in an entertaining, family-friendly setting.

The RenScots Mission is to bring the experience of Scottish life and heritage crafts to the Celtic community and public in an entertaining setting, and to educate about the contributions of the Scots to American culture. We make experiencing history fun! We also teach to help preserve heritage crafts by passing them on to a new generation.

Last year we deepened our cultural roots, and branched out into new crafts and events. We are excited to continue that trend this year! Our martial arts branch, the Wolves, have grown in number and will return to Scotland to train with Maestro Paul Macdonald in the Highland Challenge. We are premiering a new archery experience – watch for it at festivals! We have attracted several new members, and are proud to take a leadership role supporting Year Two of the Scotts Bluff Celtic Gathering. Our members dove into our new costuming workshops with a passion over the winter months.

We invite YOU to join us this year, to explore this wonderful time in Scottish history, and the lasting contribution of the Scots in world cultural heritage.